Since 2004, AMAQUEN organizes every year the international conference on quality in education and training (CIMQUSEF) to provide an opportunity of the meeting for decision makers, researchers and experts to think together about the best way to improve the quality of educational and training systems.  This year this community is invited to address the issue of the link between universities and cities with the focus on the role of science and innovation in the transformation of our cities to be smarter and more attractive for the citizen. So, the 13th edition of CIMQUSEF will be held from 12 to 13 May 2017 under the theme: «Innovative Universities for Smart Cities”.

Subthemes of the conference

  • Innovation policy initiatives
  • Digitalisation of science and innovation
  • Digitalisation of cities
  • Science and innovation for smart cities
  • Internet of things and Big Data to drive smart cities
  • Innovative Networks and diffusion of innovation results
  • Skills for innovative universities
  • The benefits of the digital economy in smart cities
  • Links between digital innovation and smart cities
  • R&D and innovative projects in Global Value Chains
  • Public procurement and innovative universities
  • Regional innovation ecosystems
  • Competitiveness and sustainable urban development by innovative universities
  • Smart city models
  • Innovative university models
  • Innovative approaches to external QA in innovative universities
  • Impact of QA in the good implementation of smart cities
  • National qualifications frameworks in the context of innovative universities

Submitting contributions

CIMQUSEF13 welcomes original submissions of research papers and presentation of relevant and best practices related to the theme of the conference, addressing questions and providing evidence on the role of science and innovation systems in universities in the building and the improving of smart cities. 
Academic and professional contributions with clear policy relevance are encouraged, but submissions must also include concept papers outlining strategies for Quality Assurance that can improve the engagement of universities in innovative projects serving the good implementation of smart cities.

The scientific committee of the conference will select submitted contributions, and the best papers will be published in “the journal of Quality in Education”.

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